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All of SIRSA’s professionals work according to the same premise of providing our services while integrating ourselves in the daily activity of the client and incorporating, into the dynamics of the work centre, the necessary knowledge for highly coordinated management at the minimum cost and with the fewest incidents.

We identify and define the service needs of our clients, and we orient them with the objective of establishing honest and efficient collaboration.
We plan on the provision of each service, we adapt it to each client, and we present it in the form of a technical project in which we specify the standardised procedures for each action (resources, methodology and products).
Allocation and management of resources
We manage the technological and methodology resources, but above all the human resources. Training and motivating employees is the key to providing good service, as well as setting up the necessary methodology for minimising and covering occupational absences.
Quality control and supervision
We have the highest ratio of service managers and supervisors in the sector, which translates into true integrated management of the service, which is oriented at achieving the objectives and a real cost savings through permanent and effective control of management and quality.

We establish an integrated operating
plan for every client

Analysis of performance

Design and management of work schedules

Design and optimisation of sanitisation plans

Risk prevention

Specific training plan

Environmental management plan

Waste management

Implementation of advanced cleaning technologies

Automation of tasks

Follow-up on and control of quality

Registration and reporting (management reports)

Labour relations management

Sectors and Services