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All of SIRSA’s cleaning services are developed with the objective of ensuring healthy and safe environments for our personnel, users, clients and visitors.

Preschools. Colleges and universities. Language academies. Student housing, etc.

Extensive experience in a sector where there is considerable movement by users at facilities, for which we adapt the services, especially according to the age of the student body and the spaces they use.
Corporate buildings
Office buildings. Historic and unique buildings. Financial and insurance entities. Professional offices. Administration and public enterprises, etc.

We adapt the service to the needs of each client so that the internal labour dynamics of each space is not disturbed.
Stadiums, gyms, sports facilities, racing tracks, etc.

We work at large facilities and at medium-sized establishments, while applying specific techniques that are suited to the premises for each sport in question. Latest-generation machinery for large stadiums and race tracks.
Leisure, culture, shows
Amusement parks, auditoriums, libraries, nightclubs, museums, cinemas, theatres, etc.

We work in leisure areas throughout Spain. We apply the highest quality criteria and thoroughness in the cleaning and maintenance of these spaces where there are large movements of people.
Hotels, restaurants and department stores
Hotels and inns, restaurants, bars and cafeterias, etc.

We personalise the service in order to ensure the best quality standards of disinfection and sanitisation, while ensuring all safety measures.

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