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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of cleaning and auxiliary services to cover the outsourcing needs demanded by the current market in various sectors of activity.


Professional Cleaning Services
  • Occasional cleaning and periodic maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Diverse specialised cleaning services: façades, windows, high-rise windows, silos and confined spaces, graffiti and gum, among others.
  • Intensive cleaning prior to, during and after events (inaugurations, celebrations, parties, etc.)
  • Cleaning after construction works, remodelling jobs and breakdowns.
  • Actions after floods or fires
  • Automated sweeping and scrubbing
  • Hard pavement treatment: glazing and polishing of calcareous floors (marble and terrazzo)
  • Polishing/coating of soft floors (PVC, rubber, linoleum, etc.)
  • Cleaning of carpets and other textile coverings.
  • Cryogenic cleaning
  • Installation of automated chemical products dosing systems 
  • Supply of diverse cleaning products
  • Supply and replacement of dispensers of consumable materials (toilet paper, hand wash soap, hand-drying towels), feminine hygiene units and air fresheners.
  • Bacteriological monitoring and pest control (control of insects, rats and urban birds)
  • Specific cleaning protocols: surgical areas, clean rooms, food, paint booths, intelligent automated warehouses, industrial machinery, classrooms and children’s areas, digital blackboards and projectors, natural parks, water zones, etc.


Our commercial activity is targeted at clients of all sectors of business activity, in both the public and private areas.

Our methodology of an initial assessment, planning, management, control and supervision in all our activities and specialized services makes up the DNA of a company that is committed to its clients and that is highly capable of multi-sector adaptation, in a market where service specialisation is an added value.

Sectors and Services