Duran i Reynals, 28. 08403 Granollers


We are a leading company in the management of professional cleaning and auxiliary services, backed by a long professional history of sustained growth and recognised prestige in the sector.


Ever since our founding in 1970 in Granollers (Barcelona), we have worked for clients in all areas and all sectors of business activity.

In the private scope: large corporations, major accounts, SMEs and micro-enterprises. In the public scope: for the central, regional and local administrations.

Our clients include companies in all sectors: medical and healthcare, miscellaneous industries, services, infrastructures, etc.

SIRSA, and the associated companies SIRSA SERVICIOS ASISTENCIALES, S.L.U. and INTERLIMP, S.A.U., a company in the professional cleaning services sector and also specialised in urban pest control, have an extensive portfolio of clients. Moreover, they provide work to a large number of professionals of diverse profiles in different areas of activity, categories, shifts, work centres and towns.

SIRSA has two administrative headquarters, one each in Barcelona and Madrid, plus several operational headquarters with representation in the entire national territory.

For over 50 years of history in the professional cleaning and sanitisation services sector, at SIRSA we have shown our continuous commitment to the quality of our processes and services, to protecting the occupational health and safety of our personal and to Corporate Social Responsibility through environmental awareness-raising and social initiatives. Based on this commitment, we have implemented an integrated and multidisciplinary management system that is backed by the main quality certifications.

“Our Mission consists in providing quality services to our clients, taking care of their needs and efficiently and honestly fulfilling the commitments we acquire with them, while generating stable job positions in an environment of respect for the personal and professional dignity of our workers within a framework of sustainable economic, environmental and social development”.

Victor Recoder, Managing Director of SIRSA.


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