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Occupational risk prevention

For us, safety is an essential asset.


At SIRSA, we are aware that risk is inherent in all occupational activities and that, in order to ensure safe processes and services, the discipline of occupational risk prevention must be integrated across the company, at all levels and in all departments and areas of activity of the company. For us, safety is an essential asset.

We have therefore implemented an Occupational Risk Prevention Management System that is certified according to ISO 45001. Furthermore, the Legal Audit in accordance with the requirements of Law 31/1995, of 8 November, on Occupational Risk Prevention, has also been performed, according to which we can offer a professional, safe and healthy cleaning service, not only for the people who work at our organisation but also for our clients and/or the direct users of our services.

As a part of the planning of the Prevention Service, we identify, assess and control the risks associated with our activities and with the development of our processes and services, not only at our offices and warehouses but also at the facilities of our clients, and we establish preventive actions to mitigate them.

We inform staff about the results of these assessments and their revisions, and we train them and provide them with the necessary personal protective equipment. We coordinate our business activity with clients and suppliers, and we establish objectives and goals to improve the staff's health and safety conditions and to reduce occupational accidents.

At SIRSA we provide sector training, which includes safety requirements and specific action protocols related to each sector of activity, and we likewise have a team of Service Managers who have been trained in a Basic Occupational Risk Prevention Course so that they can act as a Prevention Officer.



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