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Corporate Social Responsibility

At SIRSA, we are fully aware of both the positive and negative impacts that our decisions and actions, processes and services can have in society and on the environment.

We have acquired the commitment to include “social responsibility”, in the broadest sense of its meaning, into our multi-disciplinary management system, therefore integrating it not only in our strategy (integrated policy, objectives, responsibilities, etc.) but also in our operations (code of conduct, procedures, good practices, etc.), for which we have implemented the requirements of the Forética standard, SGE2. Ethical and Socially Responsible Management System, according to which our company has been Certified, meaning that, with ethical and transparent behaviour, it contributes to sustainable development and to the health and well-being of society.

10 fundamental steps for including social responsibility in the Management System

  1. Integration of management systems through our Sirsa Policy, our highest commitment.
  2. Consensus in identifying and recognising the ethical values that form a part of our corporate culture: integrity and transparency.
  3. Identification and analysis of the needs and expectations of our stakeholders to ensure that we satisfy their requirements and meet their needs.
  4. Social Responsibility Committee.
  5. Drafting and implementation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, while including the anti-corruption policy and establishing a public communication channel: canal.etico@sirsa.com
  6. Expansion and improvement of the information provided to the staff during hiring processes (Onboarding Manual), in addition to improved training (Annual Training Plan).
  7. Equality Plan, Work-life Balance Plan, care for and management of diversity.
  8. Analysis of risks and the adoption of actions to mitigate them.
  9. Preparation and distribution of our Social Responsibility Report.
  10. Promotion of social action with various collaborating entities.

Responsabilidad social corporativa

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