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Medical and Healthcare

Specific sanitisation and disinfection protocols for every centre, risk zone, area and special room.

When cleaning of medical and healthcare centres, we ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism and with rigorous action protocols, thereby reducing the risk of infection or contamination and guaranteeing the well-being of patients, of medical and healthcare personnel and of users.

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Senior citizen residences

Sanitario y Asistencial

  • Specific Services
    • We personalise and adapt our services according to the characteristics and needs of the centre.

  • Cleaning
    • Critical or high-risk areas: clean rooms: Operating theatres. Delivery rooms. ICUs
    • Semi-critical or medium-risk areas: Emergency areas. Pathological anatomy. Morgue. Outpatient consultation areas. All other patient hospitalisation areas.
    • General or low-risk areas: Common areas. Kitchens and dining rooms. Laundries. Changing rooms and toilets. Warehouses. 
  • Integrated waste management
    • Reduction and recycling services, separation, container selection, warehousing and transport of waste of Groups I, II, III and SMW (Special Medical Waste).

  • Supply and replacement of materials and products for toilets and changing rooms

  • Management of laundry services

Other Sirsa Services