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With highly qualified professionals and technicians and the right products, according to the strictest safety standards.

Nuestro compromiso con las industrias lo avala un servicio de limpieza eficaz que garantiza el normal desarrollo de su productividad y la seguridad de las instalaciones y de su personal. Profesionales formados y altamente especializados aplican con rigurosidad los protocolos, normativas y directrices de SIRSA en materia de seguridad y sostenibilidad.  


Química y Farmacéutica



Planta de tratamiento de Residuos

Our commitment to industries is endorsed by an effective cleaning service that guarantees the normal development of their production activity and the safety of their facilities and personnel. Trained and highly specialised professionals rigorously apply SIRSA’s protocols, regulations and guidelines on safety and sustainability.


Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals



Waste treatment plant



Specific Services

We personalise and adapt our services according to the characteristics and needs of the centre

  • Facilities cleaning.
  • Cleaning of machinery, production lines, work stations, common areas and clean rooms. 
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Cryogenic cleaning: of elements with irregular or inaccessible surfaces, minimisation of waste, machinery, moulds, etc.
  • Technical cleaning: of industrial sludge and liquids; of tanks with chemical products, hydrocarbons and fuels; of solids and pulverulent or bulk materials; silos; ash; cements, etc.
  • Treatment of surfaces: regeneration, cleaning and upkeep of flooring.


Clean Rooms 

We design and adapt our services to the type of room and the industry to which it belongs. Trained and highly qualified professionals on the techniques and tools that are required perform cleaning while following strict safety measures.

  • Specific Services
    • Limiting the quantity of particles present in clean rooms and implementing techniques that prevent cross contamination during the sanitisation process.
    • Minimisation of water consumption and the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), plus disinfection. 
    • Implementation of procedures, signage.


Cleaning and Integrated Waste Management

We design and implement a waste management and minimisation plan and a process optimisation plan that allow the creation of safe and healthy spaces

Other Sirsa Services