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SIRSA’s objective is to be perceived by our stakeholders as a company that is transparent in its actions, that is ethical and committed to the area within which it develops its activity and that is innovative in its procedures.


We are convinced that we can make business growth compatible with sustainable development. Environmental quality and stopping climate change represent for SIRSA one of the main challenges in its work methodology.

We have therefore implemented and have been certified under an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, based on which we offer a safe and environmentally friendly, professional cleaning service.

At our organisation, we work on continuously improving our environmental performance. We identify, assess and control the aspects generated by our processes and services that cause or could cause an impact to the environment, and we complete actions designed to mitigate and control those impacts, such as establishing management programmes (objectives and goals that are consistent with our environmental policy and our values), as well as the implementation of good environmental practices by personnel, which are designed to prevent pollution and foster the rational use of natural resources, such as water and power, not only at our facilities but also at those of our clients.

In our strategy to fight against climate change and to preserve the environment, we promote various kinds of measures:

  • Reducing fuel consumption through the progressive incorporation of electric vehicles into the fleet
  • Reducing the consumption of chemical products by installing automatic product dosing stations at the work centres of clients
  • Reusing detergent and disinfectant containers, thereby reducing costs in transport, storage and, above all, container waste
  • Replacing hazardous products with products that are ecological and/or have a low environmental impact
  • The incorporation of special microfibres that minimise the need for chemical products
  • The replacement of electrical equipment with other pieces of equipment that consume less and are more energy efficient
  • Official approval of certified suppliers
  • Contribution to the circular economy by collaborating on processes for reusing materials, consequently extending their useful life.

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