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Professional cleaning services

We apply innovation and technology in all work processes

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We offer a wide variety

Integrated management of professional cleaning and auxiliary services

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We apply innovation and technology in all work processes

At SIRSA, we are continuously and decidedly committed to improvement in designing the most efficient and sustainable solutions for management of the cleaning service.

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Calendar 2022-23

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Integrated management of professional cleaning and auxiliary services

We offer a wide variety of cleaning and auxiliary services to cover the outsourcing needs demanded by the current market.

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We provide our services while integrating ourselves in the daily activity of the client and incorporating, into the dynamics of the work centre, the necessary knowledge for highly coordinated management at the minimum cost and with the fewest incidents.

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SIRSA is the guarantee of professionalism for all companies, entities and institutions that, because of the new labour paradigm, need certified cleaning and maintenance according to the best standards for preventing infection from COVID-19.

Sectors and Services

Committed to our clients and with a great capacity for multisectoral adaptation, in a market where the specialization of the service is an added value.
Quality guarantee
We prioritise quality standards in our work system, we establish a supervision method for all the services we offer, and we submit to periodic audits.
Occupational Health and Safety
We train our staff on risk prevention, on good environmental practices, on procedures and on specific techniques related to work materials
Planning and assessment
We plan the provision of every service, and we adapt to each client. We identify the client’s needs, which allows us to guide them.
Endowment and resource management
We manage the technological, methodological but above all, human resources for a comprehensive and professional service.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We are an ethical company, we are transparent in our actions, we are committed to the area in which we develop our activity, and we are innovative in procedures.
If you would like more information, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can also call us at 902 555 665 during business hours.
SIRSA is present throughout the national territory, with administrative headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid and operational headquarters throughout the country.
Conditions required.
Would you like to work with us? At SIRSA, you have the opportunity to develop yourself professionally and earn promotions in a stable environment. Send us your CV at: seleccionsirsa@sirsa.com