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We’re turning 50!


Sirsa has become one of the main companies of Spain in the management of professional cleaning and auxiliary services.

SIRSA has now reached half a century. Five decades during which it has become one of the main companies of Spain in the management of professional cleaning and auxiliary services.

50 years have gone by, and today the SIRSA Group is one of the biggest in the sector, with total revenue of close to 35 million euros annually, over 2,000 employees and over 800 clients.

Throughout the history of our business, SIRSA’s mission and commitment have consisted in giving priority to quality when providing services to our clients, creating stable employment in an environment of personal and professional respect, ensuring the protection of the occupational health and safety of our workers, fostering innovation and modernity and making the commitment to CSR through environmental awareness and social initiatives.


The group provides its services to clients in all areas, both public and private, and in all sectors of business activity, including medical and healthcare, industry, education, infrastructures and services. In just a few years, especially over the last decade, SIRSA has managed to set itself up in the entire national territory, with a portfolio of clients that covers the entire Iberian peninsula and both the Canary and Balearic Islands. And during this period of a pandemic, we are one of the benchmark companies with respect to health security by providing disinfection and sanitisation services at medical and healthcare centres.

And everything began on 23 October 1970 when five partners started up a business venture in Barcelona: importing and distributing time clocks for factories. Their contact with directors and owners led the recently established enterprise to redefine and change its objective, consequently setting itself up as a cleaning services company for businesses and shops in the city. Two years later, they opened up their first office in Granollers, a city that is now home to the general headquarters.

Despite the tough times, the demand wasn’t long in coming. The beginning involved hard and constant work, in which the partners and their family led the cleaning team if a client requested it, which they did with their workforce at premises in Baix Llobregat, a factory in Vallès or a shop in Barcelona. Orders increased, with the company and its clients increasing at the same time.

Today, in these confusing times, all of SIRSA’s professionals continue to make every effort to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and prioritise the standards of quality in our work system. And it has all been possible thanks to our clients, all the staff and those pioneers who laid the first foundations of our history.

To everyone: THANK YOU.


In these confusing times, all of SIRSA's professionals continue to do our utmost to guarantee the highest levels of professionalism and prioritize quality standards in our work system.

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